Livestax brings data simplicity to your users, without adding complexity to IT infrastructure

Put the user first

Put the user first

Enterprise systems all work differently, often with complex workflows leading to long learning curves and an unwillingness to make the most of system capability. Livestax enables you to create simple, web-based interfaces for any ERP task and data requirement. Nothing for users to learn, just the services and data they want, delivered in the way they want to consume them.

Livestax adapts to your business needs

Because Livestax is not built like a traditional Portal or Extranet it doesn’t get more complex as it grows. Adding new functionality, views and apps is as simple as it was the first time. And because apps are so quick to build you can continuously deliver value into the business without having to pay out for large development or professional service works.

Adapting to your business needs
Single, unified interface

A single, unified interface. Less to learn

Getting people to use IT systems can be tough, as there is usually a lot to remember, and workflows are rarely intuitive. The Livestax interface follows conventions familiar to anyone who use the web - so no need for an instruction manual or training. Creating apps using the Livestax component and UI library gives you beautiful, easy-to-use interfaces to work with, understand and present.

Online case study & Demo

Our short online demo shows what you can do with Livestax and how one company is transforming executive, employee and supply chain working with Livestax across their business.