A unified platform for developers

Livestax is designed to give developers the tools to create web applications fast

Rapid Prototyping
Secure, and scalable
Loose coupling
  • Rapid prototyping - build apps and test ideas fast

    Livestax user interface is component based, making prototyping new apps and ideas a breeze. Building a quick user interface to validate your ideas before investing time in building a new tool or application saves both time and effort.

  • Use your existing stack, securely

    Livestax is platform agnostic, the apps are built using a straight-forward web stack, connecting to existing systems and communicating through securely a RESTful API. That means that under the hood, you can continue using the development stack you are used to.

  • Design as much or as little as you want to

    Even if you don't have a design team, the built in template and components allows you to put together interfaces for most scenarios. If you prefer, you can also extend the built in theme, or create your own using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The Livestax Theme is a HTML, CSS and JavaScript component based system making it quick and easy to prototype, design and build apps with a consistent user interface.

Here you will find documentation on the Livestax API and code examples and info on how to get you started on building and connecting your apps.

The Simulator allows you to test your apps while building, simulating the Livestax API and surfacing all the activity and communication around your app.

Take Livestax out for a spin

We’ll set you up with an instance of Livestax, some sample apps, dev tools and a friendly developer on hand to offer advice and help so you get the most out of your trial. Livestax was built by developers for developers—we think you'll like it.