This week marks a new chapter for Livestax. We have moved across the railway tracks to The Print Rooms on Union Street in Southwark on the South Bank of London.

With the move comes an expanded and slightly reconfigured team. We’re delighted to welcome Jamie Cobbett to the role of Lead Developer, he’s joining us from Government Digital Services where he’s been leading a team of developers working on GOV.UK. His skills and experience is going to provide us with a great foundation for building a strong product development team.

In addition, Paul Battley is joining us for a time to help with the Rails backend. Over the coming weeks he’ll be making the test suite look like a million dollars, after that he’ll oversee further improvements to the core Rails application and the API. We’re extremely thrilled to have two highly experienced developers ripping through the codebase making everything better, shinier and laying the groundwork for exciting new things to come.

Nicklas de León Persson has moved from Product Designer to Head of Product, bringing with him a decade and a half of experience in design and webmastery. Together with Mazz Mosley they are now building and growing the Livestax team. Overseeing this transition is our acting CEO, Phil Brown, who lends his (quite remarkable) experience in Causeway and elsewhere to ensure Livestax becomes a roaring success.

In the coming weeks we’ll be expanding the team further with some front and back-end roles to start off with. We’re building an empowered team of collaborative and creative people. If this sounds like you, we should meet! We have just taken delivery of a decent grinder and a half dozen V60s, so we can make you a very respectable cup of coffee (other beverages are also available).